Your  metabolism is like  a feisty, demanding,  SECRETARY, who sometimes mis-behaves when she  feels she isn't being treated fairly for the amount of pay she gets.

Your body is like an office that needs a secretary in order to function efficiently.

The office of your body needs a certain amont of macro and micro nutrients in order to function properly, and to develop and maintain muscle, which when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance, is your best friend.

Each day, your body's caloric need is like a filing cabinet that only has so many folders, and so much room in each folder, for each nutritent.

When you consume food, the "secretary" files each nutrient, placing it in the proper "folder" each day.

For instance, your muscles need a certain amount of protien and carbohohydrate on a daily basis, and this need is based on your current weight [not your desired weight].

When you exceed your needed calories from carbohydrate and/or protien by eating too many calories too quickly, the "secretary" can't keep up with the pace, runs out of room in that folder, gets behind in her filing, and eventually needs a break, so she  sticks out her tounge at you while your back is turned and leaves the remaining files of carbohydrate and/or protein sitting on the desk at the end of the day.

The stack of papers the secretary is forced to leave on the desk at the end of the day represents excess body  FAT.

The taller the stack of un-filed papers left on the desk everday, the fatter you are.

Ways to help the secretary:

Boost morale in the office! Getting some cardiovascular exercise in the form of walking atleast 30 mintues per day will help the secretary work faster, cause sometimes she gets tired of filing papers. Sometimes she just refuses to file papers at all because she resents the fact that she does not have any help.

Provide your feisty secretary with enough sticky labels, folders and ink pens so she can get her job done! Getting adequate vitamins and minerals is another great way to help the secretary. The adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals will help your secretary get more organized so that  each nutrient gets filed in the proper folder in the proper amounts, because they regulate the release of energy and other aspects of metabolism. This is why a multivitiamin is recommended as supplemental nutrition insurance, however, most of your vitamin and minerals should be consumed in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, because the body uses those nutrients more efficiently than when consumed in the form of multivitamin pills.

If you are unable to chew or digest fresh fruits and vegetables due to extracted teeth or stomach surgery, you should use a JUICER to get these nutrients. Scraping the pulp out of the juicer will give you the added benefit of fiber and other nutrients found in the skins and seeds of fruits and vegetables.

When inadequate protien and/or carbohydrate is consumed, the muscles are "starved," which is not good, because your muscles help you to burn fat when you are at rest. Without adequate food, the lock on your body's filing cabinet may malfunction, and/or the drawers of your  body's filing cabinet may jam, making it difficult for the secretary, which is your metabolism, to properly file each nutrient, which further aggravates the secretary.

You'd better treat your "feisty secretary"  right, because she's the only one you've got FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. After all, you're so hard to deal with that  no one else is willing to work for you, so  if you don't want her to decide to "fix your little red wagon" by locking the door and eating chocolate all day, instead of doing her job,  you'd better help her out,  by getting some exercise and by consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are unable to do exercise that requires that you stand on your feet, try an "exersice chair," or a "bowflex" or a "total gym," so that you can sit or lay down to exercise your muscles. You don't need alot of resistance. Light weight with alot of repetitions will help you tremendously.

"Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are." - Ben Franklin

Some information in this article was obtained from "Personal Nutrition" by Sara Long and Maria Boyle, a wonderfully informative book available at some college book stores and at




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