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Malnourished & Overweight

A common misperception of overweight individuals is, " If an individual is overweight, they are getting all the daily nutrients they require and then some."

Fact is, many - if not most, overweight individuals are malnourished.   The common diet of an overweight individual comprises of foods that are high in calories and high in fat with little, if any necessary nutrients. When the body doesn't get the vitamins and minerals it requires, it may feel tired, achy, irritable, as if locked in a mental fog.

Even foods that appear to be filled with precious nutrients on the surface may prove deceptive.   When vegetables are fried, boiled to death, or nakified (removal of peeling) they lose a great deal of their powerful nutrients.   Just as body heat destroys and fights infection, heat applied to vegetables destroys precious  vitamins and nutrients.

When the body is depleted of precious nutrients and reaches a malnourished state - which is a highly delicate and fragile state, it may take several months for the nutrients to be replenished.

Example of Common Fatty Food Favorites Most Loved by Everyone

Donuts, snack cakes, snack pies, candy bars, chips, dip, buttered popcorn, gravy, fatty meats, spreads, french fries, onion rings, cheese, ice cream, sugary drinks - and the list goes on.  

Tips for Those Who May Be Malnourished & Overweight

First of all, you'll want to see your doctor to get a professional opinion.   Meanwhile, these   nourishing tips may guide you closer to better health and a feeling of well-being:

circle03_skyblue.gif The obvious - Take a daily multi-vitamin.

circle03_skyblue.gif Spend about 10 minutes each day in the sunshine to ensure a healthy intake of Vitamin D.   Vitamin D is manufactured within the body and is necessary for bone health - including those healthy choppers.   Vitamin D is commonly known as 'The Sunshine Vitamin' and sunshine propels the body to produce this essential vitamin.



Tom and I hope that this article raises awareness of the level of malnutrition in America, as well as other parts of the world.  

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