I do not put people on "diets."

I think "diet" is a 4 letter dirty word- so I emphasize healthy meal planning as part of a healthy lifestyle rather than "dieting."

A non-diet approach to weight loss is what I encourage, because the non-diet approach is more health focused.

"Instead of measuring your success by the needle on the scale, gauge your progress by the strides you make in adopting good eating and exercise habits as well as healthyful attitudes about yourself and your body."


"Personal Nutrition" - Sara Long and Marie Boyle


unhealthy thinking:

uses appearance as measure of self worth

is socially isolated

rejects self

goes on and off extreme diets [like low carb]

rarely exercises or overdoes and quits

focuses on past mistakes and feels like a failure

obesity is used as an excuse for failure in life

focuses on the past

allows negative emotions to reduce self control

focuses on appearance

wants to improve appearance to get love/affection

- these types of thinkers may lose the most weight and become the skinniest, but at what cost to thier mental health...??? and physical health as well...???


healthy thinking:

measures self worth by how much they care for others and themselves

socially involved

accepts self

eats healthfully

exercises regularly and sensibly

views mistakes as learning experiences, recognizes nobody's perfect

does not allow obesity to interfere with thier life

focuses on the present

uses positive attitude to enhance self control

focuses on health rather than appearance

wants to be healthy to participate fully in loving relationships


adapted from

JP Foreyt & GK Goodrick "Living Without Dieting"


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