According to "Personal Nutrition" written by Marie Boyle [PhD in Nutrition] and Sara Long [PhD in Health Education], the following people may need  to take a multivitamn-mineral supplement:

-people who follow a low calorie diet [caloric restriction]

-people with certain diseases or those taking medications that interfere with appetite,absorption, excretion of nutrients

-strict vegetarians who may fall short in vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, calcium and zinc

-pregant and breastfeeding women

-women with excessive menstruation who may need more iron

-women during child bearing years who do not get enough folate rich foods

-those who are lactose intolerant and may not be consuming enough diary

-elderly people and others  who can't chew well, who don't choose an adequate diet, or can't absorb or metabolize nutrients

-people who are recovering from injury or surgery

-people who have heart disease or are at risk for heart disease


supplements should be free of harmful levels of contaminants, break down and release it's ingredients, and be made under good manufacturing practices.

you can verify supplements at

or look for something on the packaging that says "usp verified"



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