Now I want to talk about the importance of being persistent,  flexible, and the importance of maintaining inner balance.

Be a "Weeble"- not a Statue!!!!

Statues are known for thier beauty - the figures of the men and women who were  carved in stone many years ago tend to be  perfectly proportioned - and in many cases,  thier graceful poses are wonderful to admire, however,many of them, as a result of being made of very rigid material such as marble or stone, eventually  have parts that are broken off and/or eroded.

While people who try to be like a statue may not be guilty of overindulgence which causes health problems related to chronic obesity, some of them unfortunately have "broken down and/or eroded" health as a result of lack of nourishment.

This may not be visible to the naked eye for many years, but eventually,if they live long enough to suffer the consequences,  the damage will become evident, just as it is evident in the health problems of the chronically obese person.

The moral: in order to stand the test of time and to remain intact, and all in one piece for as long as possible, it's important to be built from more flexible materials which means people should  seek BALANCE, by thinking positively, and working to improve nutrition and exercise habits.

Now  I'm going to paraphrase from Dr. Andrew Weil's CD collection titled: "Guide To Optimum Health-Strategies for Eating Well, Staying Fit, and Living In Balance-Taking Care Of Yourself."

The point I am wanting  to make, is that in order to achieve good nutritional status and be successful at weight management - you have develop the bounce-back quality of a  "Weeble."

Remember the song about the children's toy called "The Weeble?"

It went a little something like this: "Weebles wobble -but they don't fall down!"

Now, think of an "earthquake simulator" AKA a "shake table".

Which is more likely to suffer damage during an "earthquake" on a "shake table"- the Weeble,  or the statue?

I think after a moment of thought, you will agree that the Weeble has a better chance of suffering the least damage.

The reason I make this point is because the earthquakes of life will certainly come along, and your inner balance from time to time will be threatened.


I'm not perfect, none of us are, and while there are days when I wouldn't show my food journal to anyone for any amount of money, I try  to remember that when I  have a "lapse," by, perhaps going 2 or 3 days without exercise, or by eating badly for a day or 2- the behaviors that keep me from eating well and getting adequate exercise do not have to become a long-term relapse, and that although I  "wobble" like a "Weeble" from time to time, I believe that I have a  magical force within my  inner-being that allows me  to continually bounce back time after time. In other words, I  may be down for a short time, but I know I  have, within myself,  the inner strength to pop up again, and to regain my balance. The good news is that you're no different! You can be a Weeble too!


Now I am going to talk about one of my favorite "Weebles"-

I will be quoting  from a wonderful book I've been reading called "There's Always A Way" by fitness guru Tony Little [If you don't know who he is, he's the guy that sells the Gazelle on informercials along with several other fitness products]

"...I've learned that it really doesn't matter what the odds against you are when you're trying to succeed. If you have the will and the drive and the hunger, you will always find a way.

Look, I have weird hair, a long, teased pony-tail. I'm just an ordinary guy. I'm short. I'm loud. I'm hyper. I never went to college. I struggle with my weight. I have a bad back. A lot of times I fall flat on my butt. To be brutally honest, there are really only a few qualities that separate me from all those sad-looking men and women sitting over there on the loosing team's bench.

What are they?

Just these:

I believe in myself wholeheartedly.

I believe that hardships, failures, and obstacles are put in our way to make us stronger-and to help us succeed.

I believe in doing things a little differently than everybody else, and in looking for simple, commonsense solutions hiding in the complexities. [note that he points out that solutions to problems are sometimes HIDDEN and you have to FIND them]

I believe that in order to fulfill your true destiny, you must use every tool and resource at your disposal. If there are none handy, figure out where they're hidden. They are always there. "Cause there's always a way."

Finally, I believe that you have to know where you're going in order to get there. Remember the scene in ALICE IN WONDERLAND when Alice arrives at a crossroads and asks the White Rabbit which road she should take? The Rabbit asks Alice WHERE she is going. Alice admits she doesen't know. "Well then," the Rabbit shoots back, "I guess it doesn't make much difference which one you choose!" Moral: Whatever you do, and where ever you're headed, have well-defined goals. Then pursue them with intention, gusto, and hellacious persistence. You can do it!





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