Here's a list of stuff that has helped me.

I think it may help you as well, so I've gone to the trouble of makin' a list.

1. Chronometer with chest strap- if you program it properly, it will tell you exactly how many calories you burn during exercise, which is a great way to remain in control of your weight loss program-be patient with this device and and check the chest strap periodically in order to keep it from slipping out of place-it must be in the correct position in order to correctly and constantly monitor the calories you burn-I recommend using a sharpie marker to mark the spot so you can re-position it as necessary-it will give you great information and information is power

2. digital food scale

3. digitial weight scale

4. measuring tape

5. Book: "Miracle Juices" by Amanda Cross and Charlene Yabsley

6. a masticating juicer and/or a centrifugal juicer and/or a blender for making smoothies and juices - a word about food safety-always drink juices you make at home immediately because they are not pasturized [ coming soon on this website: a juicer conversion chart ]

7. a small back pack to take on walks - keep snacks, ice water, gatorade, and a little first aid kit in it just in case you fall and scratch your knee or get stung by a bee- also be sure to slather on that SPF 30-50-or 75 sunscreen or you may get a farmer's tan that only the pigs, cows and horses will adore!

8. something to protect yourself against animals and perhaps even people when you are out walking- but do always walk or exercise in a safe place

9. SASS brand shoes for walking- yes, I now admit that dear ole mom was always I use a "12 hour shoe" that my mother, who was a nurse for over 20 years, recommended for me, which is a SASS shoe that is designed for wear by folks who are on thier feet alot like nurses and hair-dressers - they are ain't trendy, they  ain't sexy, and they certainly ain't cheap,  but they sure do feel good [ your shoes don't have to be SASS, but do make sure they are comfortable, well ventilated and that they won't rub blisters on your ankles and other places on your feet ][yeah, I know, I know,  ain't ain't a word]

10. treadmill for cardio exercise when I can't get outdoors

11. a bowflex, fitness chair, ab lounge, or total gym for strength training- perhaps even some DVDs like P90X, Hip-Hop Abs [if you don't like Hip-Hop music, you can simply turn down the TV and play your own music] Play It Again Sports is a really neat store - I've gotten some great deals in there

12. a notebook for recording your calories in and calories out- it does not have to be expensive or elaborate, a simple notebook will do

13. measuring cups and spoons

14. calorie counter book like "Calorie King"

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