Another reason to be the turtle - not the hare...

Exercise is important to weight loss, but it is possible to over-do.

Here's why.

"Doctor Kenneth Cooper, the father of aerobic exercis who founded the world famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, discovered that some marathon runners were developing brain cancer. The finding presented a dilemma. Long distance runners were considered to be extremely healthy, with practically no body fat. How could it be that these athletes could develop brain cancer?

Here's what was found. Exercise releases free radicals. The harder you exercise, the more you release large amounts of free radicals. If they are not detoxified with antioxidants, they may cause destruction of cells, tissues, nuclear material, and DNA-and they may form cancer.

Because of the way free radicals attack the fat and the lipid around a nerve, they may damage or destroy it over time. It may be a major reason why we have diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Recent research has linked free-radical activity to cardiovascular disease, many forms of cancers, and cataracts."

ANTIOXIDANTS are things like vitamins C, E, &  A, as well as selenium, coenzyme Q 10, alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, and can be found in RAW  foods like:





vegetable oils








green tea


soy products


What You Don't Know May Be Killing You


Don Colbert, M.D.




unable to eat the above listed foods in raw form ?

well, my advice is that you  get yourself a JUICER and juice these foods in combinations that you like, and then scrape the pulp out of the top of the juicer and stir it in with your juice to get the benefits of the fiber

you can mix fruit with vegetables to disguise the taste of the vegetables

you can also mix yogurt with the juices for added digestive benefits

don't have a juicer recipe book that tells you the calories for each juice?

get yourself a copy of "Miracle Juices" by Amanda Cross and Charmaine Yabsley


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