I am prohibited from  counseling clients who choose diets that propose protein consumption of more than 15% of the total daily caloric limit. The types of meal plans I will propose will involve modest calorie restriction, exchange lists, and use of the glycemic index which basically means choosing foods like whole wheat pasta rather than white pasta, whole wheat bread instead of white bread, etc...

I am also prohibited  from counseling clients who appear to have an eating disorder and am required to refer them to a physician and/or psychological counseling for weight management guidance.

Restricting carbohydrate cheats your body out of the necessary nutrients for building and/or maintaining muscle which is counterproductive to weight management because the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest, so... going on a low-carb diet is like punching your best friend in the face for no reason.

Here’s why.

Many carbohydrate rich foods are nutritious.

SO…instead of eliminating or severely restricting carbs, what you need to do is practice self-discipline and behavior modification in order to stop binging on less-nutritious carbs like twinkies, white breads and pastas,  and eat more of the nutritious carbohydrates like pears, whole wheat breads and pastas.

“…making food choices which include a variety of wholesome carbohydrate rich foods has consistently been shown to lead to a reduced risk for many chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, kidney disease, osteoporosis, heart disease and many forms of cancer.”

Please note that the operative word here is WHOLESOME!!!

Now, please answer this question for yourself.

1.] I want to eliminate or severely restrict wholesome carbs from my diet even though they have been shown to lead to a reduced risk for high blood pressure, kidney disease, osteoporosis, heart disease and many forms of cancer because ___________________________________________.

a. “Every gram of carbohydrate the body uses to meet short term energy needs holds on to an additional 3 grams of water. When my body uses up glycogen, it also releases water and extra weight. This phenomenon creates the illusion of a quick loss of body fat.”

Since I want to lose water weight, this quick-fix scheme makes perfect sense to me.

b. I don’t really care about good nutrition, I just want to lose weight fast, even if most of the weight lost is just water.

c. If I develop one of the above listed diseases, I will get more attention from my friends and loved ones. Besides, I like to feel sick.


If A, B, and/or C makes perfect sense to you, by all means, go on that low carb diet.

Paraphrased and “word-for-word” quotes have been taken from the following source:

Weight Loss That Lasts - James M. Rippe, M.D.


More helpful reading:

Low-Glycemic Dieting For Dummies

By the way, low-glycemic and low-carb is  not the same thing.

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