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when eating out, order a "go box" when you order your meal so that you can divide all the portions in half and take the remainder home - saves calories and money...



$ 9.99 LUNCH COMBO at O' Charley's :

-7 oz top grilled sirlion, baked potato or other hot vegetable

& , side salad

1/2 [3.5 oz] of a 7 oz. sirloin - 215 calories

hot vegetables

1/2 baked potato - 120 calories or 1/2 order french fries 195 calories or whipped potatoes 110 calories or asparagus 80 calories or broccoli 140 calories or 1/2 order of  broccoli cheese casserole 135 calories

side salad

caesar salad 280 calories[dressing included?] 


house salad 120 calories [dressing extra] 


extras to figure in:


1/2 yeast roll without margerine 65 calories

1/2 yeast roll with margerine 90 calories

butter / margerine

50 calories per teaspoon

margerine for baked potato - 170 calories

sour cream

50 calories


15 calories per tablespoon

steak sauce

15 calories per tablespoon

salad dressing

tip: order dressing ON THE SIDE and dip your fork into the dressing, then pick up salad on your fork- or pick up dressing on your fork and drizzle it over your salad in small amounts as you go - you will eat less dressing this way

ranch - 2 oz.- 200 calories

light ranch-2 oz. - 70 calories

honey mustard - 2 oz. - 300 calories

honey mustard light - 2 oz. 100 calories

greek feta vinigarette-2 oz.- 620 calories

cranberry orange vinigarette-2 oz. - 130 calories

bleu cheese -2 oz- 280 calories

thousand island dressing - 2 oz. 210 calories


mini dessert

1/4 ooey gooey caramel pie - 183 calories

1/3 brownie lovers brownie with vanilla ice cream - 132 calories

o' charley's has "mini desserts" for 1.99.

in my opinion, thier mini desserts are a full sized dessert,

so i suggest  ordering  only 1 and splitting  it with your dinner partner or taking it home. the brownie lovers brownie seems to be much lower in calories than the ooey gooey caramel pie.


1/2 of a 7 oz. steak 215 calories

1/2 baked potato 120 calories

1/2 butter for potato 85 calories

house salad 120 calories

light ranch dressing 70 calories

1 tbsp steak sauce 15 calories

1/2 yeast roll without margerine 65 calories

1/3 brownie lovers brownie dessert 132 calories

water or diet coke 0 calories


total  822 calories











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