I have some experience with this frustrating condition because I've been told that  my thyroid function is "borderline low" which means it's low enough to make it hard for me to lose weight and maintain weight loss, but not low enough for me to  get a prescription for thyroid medicine - GRRRRR!!!!

Since I am,  without a doubt,  an emotional eater, such frustration makes me want to binge on  pizza,  potato chips and ice cream in unmeasured amounts, but I resist this urge by reminding myself that this condition should not be seen as  an excuse to eat badly,  or to avoid exercise, rather, it should be seen as a challenge. I then remind myself that while it's more difficult for me to manage my weight due to this problem, it's not impossible.

If you suspect you have a thyroid problem, discuss it with your doctor. There may be medications available to help you with this problem.



Dr. Lowe has a website that covers many topics related to thyroid problems at


You can ask Dr. Lowe about thyroid questions. AskDrLowe@drlowe.com


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