I am prohibited from   counseling  people who choose meal plans that propose protein consumption of more than 15% of the total daily caloric limit.

Alot of books out there are telling us to eat less carbohydrate and more protein.

So many of us think that there has to be a big ole slab of growth-hormone and/or mercury  riddled meat on our plates before we can call what's on our plates a meal.

To make matters worse,  the low-carb diet must have been dreamed up by some cattleman's club somewhere,  because it turns out that too much protein in your diet can  make ya FAT.

[actually, too much of anything can make ya fat]


A quote from "Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal" which had the benefit of being written using medical consultants like Morton D. Bogdonoff, M.D.,  would best answer this question.

Here goes.

"Although the body converts some excess dietary protein into glucose, eating a high protein diet contibutes little to energy needs. Even during prolonged exercise when carbohydrate stores are depleted, the body derives only 5-15 percent of it's energy by turning the protein into glucose. The liver converts other excess protein to FAT."

So how much protein should we be eating?

It depends on whether you are male or female.

It depends on whether you are a body builder or a marathon runner. [Marathon runners need more than body builders by the way.]

It also depends on whether you are healing from a broken bone or surgery, or if you are pregnant.

Eat more protein than you need and your liver will convert it into fat, which is that fluffy stuff that you don't want all over your body.

Another disadvantage of eating too much protein is that it can increase the excretion of calcium, which is that stuff you need for strong bones and teeth.

Other research out there indicates that too much protein can lead to the formation of those pesky little kidney stones which will could possibly cause you to have to be hospitalized and/or make  you cry everytime you have to tinkle.

The RDA is 63 grams for men and 50 grams a day for women-but this is a loose figure and may not be based on caloric limits of persons who are trying to LOSE weight.

The amount may be higher if you are a body builder, or marathon runner, or pregnant, etc...

Your protein needs will be calculated and submitted to you during your first session, and will be based on your caloric need.



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