My ROLE as a  Nutrition and Wellness Consultant:

1]To assist my clients in developing healthy eating habits as a part of a permanent life-style change.

I do not recommend the use of  “fad” or “low carb” diets , [yes, I just put low carb diets in the same class as fad diets] weight loss drugs, surgery, or any other “quick fix” weight loss methods, however, if you chose to use any of these weight loss plans, that is your choice and I will support your choice. I am prohibited by AFPA guidelines to counsel clients who choose to consume too much protein. The protien limit should be no more than 15% of the total caloric limit.

2]To offer PERSONALIZED, DETAILED, and BALANCED nutritionally sound meal planning strategies, based on the individual clients age, starting weight, activity level, and other necessary considerations.

3]To discuss and advise on weight management plans, whether your goal is to GAIN weight, LOSE weight, or MAINTAIN your current weight.

4]To offer suggestions for optimizing health.



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