I was recently watching a popular exercise show when I heard  a very fit  body builder and Aerobics Instructor say that she is having to modify her work-out because of an injury she got while she was training.

I was very happy that I had never attended one of her work-out classes because she obviously does not know enough about exercise in order to avoid injuring herself, and furthermore, she could be teaching exercises that could possibly cause injuries to others who attend her class.

Injuries should not be viewed as something to accept as part of a weight loss plan that comes from the "no pain, no gain" philosphy that has become so popular, because injuries that happen during work-outs can discourage people from becoming or remaining physically active, which may cause thier weight problem to become worse.

Exercise can certainly enhance your ability to lose weight, so I encourage everyone to exercise as much as they possibly can but please do so without risking injury!!!

When it comes to Fitness Instructors, choose wisely, and when working with a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer, listen to your body during the proposed exercises, keeping in mind that they cannot feel what you are feeling because they are not doing the exercise, you are,  and do not allow ANYONE to push you to the point that you may injure yourself, because injuries aquired during exercise can be PERMANENT and/or EXPENSIVE to repair!!!

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