Silver Fish is a nick-name for termites, but the "silver fish" I speak of here is TUNA!

According to Doctor James E. Hardy, the author of "Mercury Free" tuna consumption should be limited and/or consumed in very small amounts  because of it's POSSIBLE mercury content.

here is a quote from the book:

"I was in dental materials class when I learned that amalgam fillings have up to 700,000 parts per million mercury. I was stunned. I knew at the time that the FDA took tuna fish off our grocery shelves when it had only 1 part per million mercury. So, raising my hand, I asked the professor, "Given the fact that our government removes tuna fish from the stores with only 1 part per million mercury, how is it remotely safe to put 700,000 times this concentration in our patient's teeth and allow them to chew on it for years?" (I recalled reading about the Minamata Bay disaster in Japan. The people there ate fish containing mercury and there were an unusually high number of birth defects, mental retardations, cerebral palsies, and premature deaths."

His professor assured him that the mercury is locked up in the filling and does not escape.

He then pointed out that amalgum fillings crack, break, and completely wear out, needing replacement.

By the way, when this happens, mercury vapors escape into our bodies, which are then free to  cause neurologic symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, bi-polar episodes, visual disturbances, etc...


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