As a Nutrition and Wellness Counselor, I am prohibited from telling clients to use chemicals such as nicotine for weight loss or from counseling people who are using chemicals for weight management or loss. Since it is my understanding that some people use cigarettes to control thier weight because of the effect nicotene can have on taste buds and metabolism, I feel it is necessary to address the subject nonetheless.

For this subject, I will be paraphrasing and/or directly quoting from "YOU on a Diet" by Michael F. Roizen, M.D., and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

"We don't want to rule out nicotene as one of those early-program jump starts you can use to jump over a hurdle to increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. Studies have shown that nicotene-in the form of patches and gum, not in the form of cigarettes-when combined with a modest dose of caffeine [as in 2 cups of coffee] can help reduce weigth for those who use it. It's not a long-term solution but one that can help you adjust and automate. We've prescribed a 7 mg. nicotene patch to help some over a hurdle, combined with two cups of coffee, [average cups, not the high-test espresso type-it would be only 2/3rds of one of those babies]. Ofcourse we ensure that the patient does not have side effects triggered by the caffeine, such as migrane headaches, GERD, increased heartbeats, or anxiety. Caffeine will raise your metabolic rate just a tad to burn more calories. Combine the two if your weight loss program stalls. They can act as that crutch to help you get over the hump. This is one tip, like all others in this appendx, that you should share with your doctor, to play it safe. Plus you need a prescription."

[Not sure when this book was written, it's possible that it was written before nicotene patches and gum became available in stores-  without a prescription]

I am not proposing that everyone go out and buy nicotene gum and patches in order to lose weight without first getting thier doctor's approval - that would be irresponsible on my part- because the information brochures in nicotene gum and patches boxes state that nicotene is a medicine, and I'm not in the business of prescribing treatments. Besides, there could be potential side effects that may be harmful to you, which is all the more reason to get your doctor's approval before using nicotene patches or gum.

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