As a Nutrition and Wellness Counselor, I am prohibited from telling people that they should use chemicals to help them with weight loss or weight management, or from counseling people who are using chemicals for weight management or loss,  but since you are likely to see these products widely available on drug store shelves, I feel it's necessary to address the issue.

There is a product that is available without a prescription called ALLI which is also known as ORLISTAT.

The claim is that it binds fat from your diet which is later excreted by the body.

Some folks I have talked to "swear by it" stating that as part of a sensible weight-loss plan that includes responsible food choices and exercise, that they have definitely been helped by it.

If you are considering using the product, you may want to discuss it with your physician before purchasing it, because if I'm not mistaken,  it used to be a prescription drug, which means that most doctors will be familiar with it's potential side-effects.

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